Your Maker by Kymia Nawabi


The Iranian-American artist became renowned after winning the reality series ‘A work of Art’. Art fundi’s such as Simon de Pury and Jerry Saltz have mentored this young artist.

The Ateljee’s curators were immediately struck by this work, ‘Your Maker’. They found it at Abmyer + Wood Gallery’s stand at the Seattle Art Fair, 2015.  It deals with the future and the afterlife at once, whilst managing to depict a frightning insight with a fairytale-like flair.

“The cosmos have taken the form of a cloaked being who has shimmering, starry, dust-like material falling out of its’ hood. The saying, “meet your maker,” refers to someone who has gone to meet their maker, meaning they have died. Here the “maker” is seen as an anonymous being. We are viewing a stage of the dead’s after-life, where the creator is forming a new being and/or embellishing an existing life with jewel-like beauty within the flickering lights of the material. There are piles of the substance collecting below that read “THE FUTURE.”” Kymia Nawabi