Art & Interior Consultants

“With their combined passion and competence Jeanne & Deon will help you create an eye-catching interior with an emphasis on spellbinding artworks, thoughtfully placed.”


Deon & Jeanne van der Merwe has had the good fortune of travelling the globe extensively to follow their design instincts and visit a plethora of artistic conventions. From Art Basel in Switzerland to a local painter’s studio in Mexico, from the Seattle Art Fair to a wealthy collector’s home in Newport Beach California and even the museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney Australia, this art-loving couple is passionate about connecting individuals to the enchantment of their own homes.

What we Offer:

  • A personalized consultation to assess the flow of your current interior or to visualize a brand new interior;
  • Expert advice on art placement, hanging, sourcing, acquisitions and framing;
  • Professional Interior Decorating Service including furniture design & upholstery, curtaining & interior layout guidance;

Our Vision:

We believe a person & their visual surrounds is a match made in the stars. Art is thought. Art is emotion. Art is what sets our surrounds alight. 

Who We Are:

Deon van der Merwe is a veteran International Art Auctioneer that has facilitated the acquisitions of artworks by artists such as Pablo Picasso, Joan Míro and Rembrandt van Rijn. He is motivated by the renowned phrase ‘Less is more’ and aims to streamline your experience of creating an interior that moves you.

Jeanne van der Merwe is somewhat of an artistic muse. Prepare to feel head-over-heels inspired after chatting to her about all things colourful, textural, thought provoking and imaginative. After attaining her degree in Fine Arts at the University of Stellenbosch she embarked on a career in the Interior Arts. Jeanne agrees with the Bauhaus adage ‘Form follows function’ but she believes having both is first prize

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